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Fabi: Bios

Fabi: Bios

Um, I need to know this much, and any other info you have lying around would probably be useful.

Also: If you're making a new character for this, please don't make a shunter, as it would be boring if everyone could just go back. If your character can shunt usually, there's something preventing that. Somehow. Magical abilities are allowed, though, unless the dimension specifies otherwise.

For each character who will be shunted:
How would you describe them if you didn't know their name? (red-haired woman, evil-sword guy, mustache dude, nail-biting girl, etc.)
What they would wear to a scientific demonstration.
Personality (if different from in the MC/Blogland RP)
Who do they already know?
Back story (As much as you think will be important to the plot. Again, if I already know this, or should already know, you can skip this part)
Magical ability (again, if I don't know. And if it's something unusual, details on what they can do would be nice)
Weapon(s) of choice/fighting style
Reaction to appearing somewhere that's definitely not the theatre.


Fabi S.
Quiet girl, thinking girl, fidgeting girl, something like that.
She's pretty ordinary looking, I guess. A bit above average height, neither skinny nor fat, light brown hair, blue eyes, a few light freckles and pimples and other spots on her face. Also her nose is extra pinkish in the summer.
Well, since it's an important occasion with plenty of goverment-y official-ish people, she'd probably try to dress up. I imagine she'd wear a nice jacket and a white shirt with buttons and a collar, but she'd have her normal casual black pants and sneakers on. :-P
She's me, so... Some things you can't necessarily tell on the blog: has trouble staying still, doesn't usually say out loud when she's upset, can't stop thinking. And then the rest is me, so...yeah.
She knows whoever, I guess. Up to you all. :-)
She's freelance, but has done work for the American Sanctuary, usually tracking/following potential criminals. She also deals in information and intelligence, though that's not usually something the Sanctuary hires her for. She also does random jobs including assassination, assassination prevention, guard, bodyguard, thievery (if she believes it's a good cause), research, research, research. ((In practice, I feel uncomfortable having her research others' creations, though, so I'm not really sure if her research skills will come into play)) Oh, also she makes weapons with her metal-bending abilities.
((I'm skipping back story for now, since mine is kinda boring))
Fabi bends metal. Basically she reshapes it, it's easiest to melt it into little droplets, but she can di creative stuff too, and if she can concentrate enough, or is going insane (either works) she can actually make the metal heat up to the point where its too hot to touch. Also she can sense metal, sort of like x-ray vision, except it doesn't apply to bones and stuff, just metal. And she doesn't see it, exactly, it's like another sense entirely, and it gets stronger as she works at her metal-bending.
Fabi generally fights with a sword, though she can use anything metal. And she generally doesn't remember to completely melt the opponent's weapon because of the adrenaline. She does manipulate her own sword to lengthen and twist in unexpected directions and she uses her metal-sense the best she can.
Fabi would probably think it was a conspiracy plot at first and ask who everyone was to see if there was any connection. She'd try to pretend not to panic, but would fidget a lot, and would take charge of the situation only if no one else did. I imagine she would realize what was going on to some extent, at least the fact that they had been mistakenly shunted, but she wouldn't really know what to do about it.

And anything else you want to include. As I said, if I roleplay with you a lot, or you're in the MC, I probably can write your character based on that. And the number of characters you want to include is up to you, I guess, as long as it's reasonable.

And I'm going to start writing the intro now, I think. And I'm going to need the bios before I can finish it, but the beginning should be okay...

So...yeah. Any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to let me know.


Snow Stormberg~ the Fez wearing Ghost #ChaseForBook9 said...

okay... fabi, i'm gonna go right ahead and say i dont know what this is 'cause i am so lazy i only read this post, but... if its a story type thing like i think it is, i would love to be in it, though i probably wont be able to write for it :/

so... maybe reply to this, let lazy old me know what the hell it is and i'll write a bio.... i guess.... *shrugs*

Sapphire Iota (Saph) #ChaseForBook9 said...

Snow, it's a collab where characters get shunted to random dimensions. If you want more info, read the previous post :)
Fabi, I'll write my bio by tomorrow. Do you want me to put it the comments or email it to you?

((Fabi)) ((NOT HERE)) said...

It's a collaborated story, Snow, but if you want just a character to be in it, we can probably do that. You should probably read the first post with the idea, though, just so you understand it I could explain it again, but t would be just copy-paste, since I'm lazy, too.

I guess it's up to you though.


((Fabi)) ((NOT HERE)) said...

Either works, Saph.

Dynasty Maguire (Brad Wood) said...

Fabi I'll email you my characters bio:)

Sapphire Iota (Saph) #ChaseForBook9 said...

Kk :) I'll email. Sleep well! *hugs*

Valice said...

Hi, are you still looking for people to join? :)

((Fabi)) said...

Of course! :-)

If you want to join, either send me an email or comment your email address so I can send you an invite. :-)

Valice said...

Okay, can I find your e-mail address somewhere? :)

((Fabi)) said...


Yeah, sorry about that.


Taia DeMars, Inesculent Bean of Written Ramblings (and Dinosaur Enthusiast) said...

Oh, dang. Sorry I'm so late on this!
I'll try to email you with details when I get back to a computer.
Until then, I'll try to work things out in advance, and Bio-related things. *nods* :P
Sorry! ^^


The Empress Lady Adra "the Ducktor" Dark, Administrator in New Delhi said...

Adrasdos Dark
"Scary girl" or "alchemist freak" (whatevs)
My appearance is my profile picture, as is my clothing.
I am an alchemist, and I can control energy from the earth... I have two twin swords but otherwise tend to rely on myself for weapons.