Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fabi: How Stuff May or May Not Work

Okay. So this is how I think it will work:

I'm going to start, and I'll write the part where the shunting experiment goes wrong and sends people to another dimension. I'll need profile/bio things for any characters you want included. If you want to write it from your character's perspective later you can as well. It's optional. And then someone else (Ember may have volunteered) will invent the first dimension and do two posts--a first chapter and a brief description of anything she wants to specify about her world. Anything minor that wasn't specifically said about a place can be decided later by whoever's writing at the time. And then people who want to write for the dimension can do so, and we probably need a writing order or people can split up, whatever works. Because it's not just called the Shunting Experiment because it's an experiment that goes wrong in the plot. The entire collab is an experiment, really.

And if any of that sounds like it won't work, or you have a different idea, then comment! I'm open to suggestions and ideas of any kind, and I would love input on this idea.

Also: After the collab has started, I'm leaving the option open for anyone to guest write a dimension without joining the collab, if no one else has a particular idea that time around. Unless anyone has an objection to this.

So, um, I might start like advertising this collab in Blogland, but if I'm really annoying you, you can tell me to shut up.


The Batman Empress Elder Lady Adra "The Ducktor" Dark said...

Being me in


Taia DeMars, Inesculent Bean of Written Ramblings (and Dinosaur Enthusiast) said...


I'd love to be a part, though I may be a bit edgy with deadlines, because I'm me and I can be like that sometimes. If that'd be a problem, then I'll just have to try harder and apologise more profoundly, I guess.
As far as a profile/bio goes, though, I'd have to whip one up, or find an old one, and work on it, because I don't have any complete ones, as such. I can try, but I find them tricky for some reason.
Is there any date/time in particular you'd need that?
Or are they, like- I don't know. My brain's going into screensaver mode.
But this is a brilliant idea and I'd love to take a shot at it. :)

Sapphire Iota (Saph) #ChaseForBook9 said...

This looks awesome! :D Can I join?

Aretha Tesla said...

Niccolò and I would love to join, if we can! And if you need any help with anything, as I've already said, you're more than welcome to ask. I'm pretty sure you already know my characters well enough, but if you'd like me to send you any sort of profiles, just tell me what to put in them and I'll send them. Um... You already know I want to join, though, I just figured I'd say it here as a formality, I guess... But again, if you want me to send you profiles, I will, and I'll be thinking up possibilities for worlds, too.

Fabi~ Permanently msd, my Internet is being stubborn today D: said...

YES OF COURSE YOU CAN JOIN, ANYONE WHO WANTS TO CAN! Um, email me and I can send you an invitation. Or comment with your email wee. Or I can invite one or more of the shared accounts (Blogland Collaboration or the one for the voice recordings) if you'd be more comfortable using one of those.

(My email is

The deadlines should be flexible, but try not to depend on them being flexible, if possible. Not sure that makes sense.

And I'll be doing a post on bios fairly soon.

Dynasty Maguire (Brad Wood) said...

Can I join!?

Dynasty Maguire (Brad Wood) said...

Ok sounds a good idea. But I do NOT wanna start! Warning: My stories will be rubbish...

Star Inkbright (Ink!) said...

I'm really sorry, Fabi, but I'm not joining. I feel bad saying I'm not, but we all know that if I say I'll join, I'll never get anything done and I'll let everyone down and that would be worse.

It's not that I don't want to and it's not that it doesn't sound cool, it's just that I know what will happen if I do say I'll join, so if you don't pester me, I won't join. If you do pester me, I'll join, and then I'll let you down and so you'll be WORSE off if you pester me. I'm not very good at resisting pestering, though. D:
Or at pestering people. :P
Basically, pestering is beyond the skills of the Star.
It's not a skill bubbles need. :)
So um yeah.
Sorry. :(
If I remember, I'll still come here and read the SE, though. :) I probably won't do it regularly, just warning - I'll just check here randomly sometimes. *nods*

Star Inkbright (Ink!) said...


Not though.