Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ruby Darkness - Were not in Kansas

Ruby collapsed onto the hard ground. 
"Umf" said Ruby as she hit the ground. Ruby shook back the head-ache that was throbbing behind her temples. She frowned when she saw the forest ahead of her. 
"Uh Toto I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" said Ruby to no one. "Where the hell am I?" asked Ruby as she stood up, "please don't tell me that I'm in Wonderland or in Oz" 
The forest didn't reply. 
"I'll take that as a 'I have no clue what your talking about'" Ruby paused for a moment, "Aw man what's my employer going to say when he finds out that John Furry isn't dead?" Ruby sighed "We'll he's a reasonably guy he'll understand that I couldn't compleat the job because I got teleported" Ruby looked around at the landscape, there was a river slowly flowing behind her and a forest in front of her. "But if I couldn't have been teleported no one touched me. Although I could be in another dimension. The machine should send unwanted objects to other dimensions. The machine could have malfunctioned" Ruby sighed, "Great now I'm stuck here unless I can find someone who can shunt aaaand that's highly unlikely" Ruby looked at the river, "If anyone lives around here it's likely to be near the river" Ruby looked up stream, there were mountains in the distance that had smouldered tree corpses on them. Ruby looked down stream, the trees where lusher and thicker. "I think I'll head down stream, it looks more ... lively" Ruby mumbled and wondered off down stream. 


Ruby had walked for a few hours before she could even see the town. And when she spotted the town she decided to stop and rest. Ruby sat down and pulled out a mostly empty water bottle then drained it of its contents. "Hmm I need a refill" muttered Ruby as she got up and crouched at the edge of the river. The water looked really clear and clean. Ruby lent down and smelt the water, "Nothing seems wrong with it, but I still don't trust it" said Ruby as she unbuttoned her white business shirt then took or off. Ruby put on a leather jacket over a red tank top that she had beneath her business shirt. Ruby then soaked her business shirt in water and ringed it out above her bottle till it was full. "And voila! Filtered water!" Exclaimed Ruby. "And now to keep walking" said Ruby as she stood up and put away here water bottle. "Hmm soggy shirt" mumbled Ruby, "It needs to dry" 
Ruby then muttered something about not wanting a wet but and reluctantly tied the wet shirt around her waist. 

Ruby approached the sign that said 'Welcome to Eastwest' with a man dosed off with a newspaper on top of him. 'Well he has a care free life' thought Ruby. The town looked a little rundown and the majority of buildings where made out of brick or some sort of stone. The few that weren't made out of brick or stone looked shabbier that the rest. There where a few people in the street and the ones that saw Ruby gave her death stares or ignored her. 'Well this is certainly a cheery town' thought Ruby sarcastically. Ruby looked around and found what appeared to be a general store. Ruby entered through a blue door with pealing paint. A bell rung when she opened the door and a man hurried out from a room behind the counter. As soon as he spotted Ruby he glared at her with a silent message 'leave my store right now!'. But Ruby wasn't looking at the man she was looking at the hand made blankets and backpacks. Ruby took a blanket off the rack and unfolded it, it was big enough for two people to use. "I can get this one and fold it in two so I can keep warmer or if I meet someone else who got shunted then I can share" mumbled Ruby. Ruby then folded the blanket back up and grabbed a hand made backpack, it was large enough to fit the blanket and her handbag in with a some room to spare. Ruby walked over and put the stuff on the counter. There was a basket with a couple of cigaret lighters in. Ruby checked the price then picked one up and lit it. The lighter sparked then became a small flame.
"Not in here!" Yelled the man at the counter. Ruby almost dropped the lighter in surprise. 
"Sorry, sorry" said Ruby as she closed the lighter.
"You better be, you could have lit my shop on fire!" The man almost yelled
"I'm sorry, I'm very sorry"said Ruby then she put the lighter on the counter. "Can I please buy these three things?" Asked Ruby after a few moments. 
"I don't serve outsiders" said the man simply. Ruby looked around the shop.
"I'm sorry but to me this looks like a store that was intended for travellers and people who want to leave this town. Currently I'm both a traveller and a person who wants to leave this town." said Ruby
"If your leaving this town then just leave" said the man
"I will as soon as I buy these three things. Look you get two things out of me buying these things, you get money and you get me to leave the town" said Ruby
The man hesitated, "Fine, that'll be forty five dollars" said the man and held out his hand. Ruby put the money in his hand then shoved everything in the backpack including her handbag. Then she walked out of the shop.
"Rude *******" muttered Ruby.
"Look there's another one" whispered a woman on the side of the road, she was whispering loud enough for Ruby to hear. "That's the third outsider today" continued the woman
"Yeah there was the one on the horse then a girl and now her" whispered a second woman with a harshly. "Why are there so many?" continued the second woman
"I don't know Diana, but they could be plotting to take over the town" said the first woman. Ruby then went out of hearing distance, she didn't want to hear anymore anyway. 'Three outsiders? They could be two others who got shunted here. ... But the horse, how did they get a horse ... Wait maybe a shape shifter? The demonstration was full of mags after all. So up to three others have been through Eastwest today. I don't think I can catch up to the person on the horse but maybe I can catch up to the girl?


(If anyone thinks anything needs changing just tell me)