Friday, August 23, 2013

Fabi: The Professor's Assistant, the Saboteurs and everyone following everyone else

      August 2013 
      Sage Tunstall pedaled over to a couple of homeless people and gave them the lunch her Uncle Tate had packed for her. She hated those artificial lunches-that-come-from-the-store-in-a-box, but didn't want to throw it away, because the landfill was already so ****ing full. It didn't need more manmade, artificial, wasted ****. She’d already bought a nice spinach salad at the organic grocery place back in Watkins Square, anyway.
      The wind blew a few strands of hair around her face as she coasted down the hill and around the corner. STARBUCKS! Sage swerved to avoid the line that stretched out the doorway and narrowly missed a tree. Stupid coffee. Stupid landscaping. Also, there really ought to be a bike lane. Why the **** wasn't there a bike lane? Or at least a shoulder in which people weren’t parking their dirty gas-guzzling cars? Seriously. 
      A few more blocks and she'd reached the alleyway. She pedaled past it without a glance, parking her bicycle at a park a block or so away. She chained it to the fence, then walked off in the direction she’d come, this time turning into the alleyway and looking for the door. Where had the old man put it? 
      She glanced along the walls, next to the trash cans and recycling bins (apparently the idiots here didn’t have a compost bin) around the metal gate at the end. Then she looked under the pile of banana peels and facepalmed. Of course it’d be there, a small square trapdoor this time. It looked barely big enough for anyone to fit through, but then, it also looked like it didn’t lead anywhere but into the ground, no hole or anything. When Sage put her foot through it, though, it went through the dirt. She swung it around, searching for a ladder or something, then realized that the other side was sideways. In one swift motion, swung the other leg through and fell through, ending up lying on her back on the floor in the hallway outside the professor’s workshop. 


     The two figures in black exchanged glances as the girl disappeared. She hadn’t seen them, and they knew that. They also knew where the door was, even though it had automatically closed and the banana peels automatically replaced themselves almost immediately. And now they were going to use that information to their own advantage. Joy. After several minutes, they left, but they’d be back soon enough, probably at night. 
     Fabi opened the gate she’d been hiding behind and started back towards the street, but a man in a grey suit stepped out of nowhere and blocked her path. She sensed the gun in his pocket, preparing to stop a bullet if necessary, but he didn’t draw it. Instead, he pointed. 
      She raised her sword too slowly; she knew that even as she began the motion. When the man pointed at her, it was like a galaxy, stars all over her vision, blinding her. She still had her metal sense, though, and the man had a pair of daggers in his coat. It took all her energy to focus, but he wasn’t moving, watching to make sure the galaxy finished her. The daggers twisted and bent, it felt painstakingly slow, but it was fast enough that the man didn’t have a chance to react. There were more voices now, some of them familiar, but she couldn’t recognize them. She heard a scream cut off, but she was drifting away from it all, farther into space, away from everything she knew and loved. Eventually, she closed her eyes and welcomed the dark void. The stars were gone, and there was…nothing.


     The professor wiped his brow as Sage left. His assistant had a good heart, that's why he hired her, but sometimes she was a little too...animated. When she started off on a passionate rant about how the planet was pretty much doomed, he couldn't keep up with everything she said as she paced and gestured wildly. Granted, he was a bit diverted by preventing her from knocking over various pieces of intricate machinary, but still, it was exhausting and hard to keep up with.
      They'd made good progress, though, on the machine, the masterpiece which could potentially save the planet. He finished the last bit himself, welding on the flat piece with the inverted handprint. This was the piece he could use to channel his power into the machine, which would then shunt the world's air pollution into an empty dimension. At least, that's what was supposed to happen. 
      When the professor had finished for the night, he locked his lab and went home to drink some tea and then sleep. The figures in black were waiting. The one on the left pulled back her hood slightly, revealing pale skin and a few strands of light blonde hair. "Are you ready for this, Harden?" she asked in an accent that was most likely Scandinavian. 
      The man, Everest Harden, responded in an American accent from someplace southerly. "Of course I'm ready. Why wouldn't I be?" The woman shrugged and headed over to the door, stopping over it and wrinkling her nose. Harden got the message and swept aside the banana peels.           
     The woman opened the trapdoor gingerly, then slipped through, silent as a cat. Harden followed a little more doubtfully. So he wasn't ready, then, the woman muttered under her breath with a small snort. She didn't bother to wait, heading straight for the machine. She'd been trained for a long time, trained to be efficient. It was time for her to use her training, now that she was finally out in the world.
     A quick, deft motion and the woman in black had swapped out the sensor plate. She readjusted the wiring slightly and smiled. "Do you have the seating chart?"
     Harden, who had been pretty useless so far, jumped and hurriedly pulled it out. He read off the seat numbers of several prominent Sanctuary officials.
     The woman smiled wider and hooked up a device that looked sort of like an iPad with a bunch of extra cables coming out. She typed in several commands, and then they were gone the way they'd come. The plan would work, of course. Even the professor's genius couldn't counter it. And even if He did somehow, they'd still get what they wanted. Chaos.

((Chaos as in disorder, confusion and fear, not Adra's creation of the same name. This doesn't refer to an actual being, really. Just clarifying. Also, sorry it's not all the way done, but I felt like I had to post something because it's been a while and I don't want this blog to die before it's begun.))


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i have just been waiting for you to post this so i could say how much i loved it :DDDDD

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AWESOMEEEE!!!!!! And brilliant timing, too. I imagine this blog will quickly catch fire once you start posting deadlines, but in the meantime posting this is a great way to get people to check here periodically. Well, what I'm trying to say is, fantastic job! I can't wait to read the rest!

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I so agree with everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! XD This blog is going to be so cool once it get's going!!!

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I'm writing the rest of the intro as fast as I can!

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I love it :D The characters are really interesting+ relatable and the writing style is suspenseful, mysterious and generally awesome :)

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Thank you, Saph! [hugs]

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