Current Status on New Members

New members can join at this point, but I won't be writing them into the intro. It was a crowded demonstration, so they could have easily been in attendance. Feel free to write your own account of it, just be careful of contradictions.
Another option is to have your character enter the theater, either by accident or as part of the investigation, and step in the wrong corner. I do have some plans for the home dimension, however, so talk to me if you want to do something like that.

If you want to write about a previous dimension, label it either in the title or author's note.

If you want to write a dimension without committing to the whole collab, send it to Fabi and she'll save it, for when it's needed.

Fabi. S. (Admin)-

((You can also ask Ari or Saph to invite you. I'm not sure if I actually told either of them, but they're admins and can invite people.))

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