Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fabi: The Day of the Demonstration (and DOOM)

     Sage stood straight, flashed a badge, and received her nametag-necklace thing with the word USHER on it in really big letters.
     Leading people to their seats was really really boring.
     So she mixed things up a bit, making sure all the horribly impolite people ended up in the back and the friendly people in the front. The seating arrangements were better that way, anyways.
     Fabi twitched in her sleep. Again. Liz Herald frowned, considering, then slapped her.
     "I-I'm fine." Fabi mumbled, twitching a bit more.
     "Liz," Ami Laurel-Sang frowned at her colleague, then turned back to Fabi. "Wake up, please, we need your help."
     "You're certainly not fine," Liz retorted, ignoring Ami completely, "Also, you're the only one who really knows what's going on. Wake up."
     "What, is that all you can do? Say my name in an annoyed tone and ask Fabi politely to wake up, please, at her earliest convenience? The demonstration starts in twenty minutes, and if Harden and the rest did something to sabotage it, we need the agent who was on the job to give some sort of statement!"
     "The agent who was on the job was attacked by an unknown person with an unknown form of magic, and is hardly in any shape to "give some sort of statement." I thought you were supposed to be--"
     "Don't, please Ami? I'm fine, really," Fabi said in barely a whisper, though both heard her.
     "Fabi, what happened?" Liz asked, "Are you alright? Who was that man in the suit?"
     "His name's Magnus Bloodseeker."
     "Seriously?" Liz wrinkled her nose. Talk about bad taste.
     "Check database 9. Or ask Raeza, she hacked into some files on him."
     "Who is he, then?" Ami asked
     "Remember the Administrator at the L.A. Sanctuary, about nine years ago?"
     "The one who considered Elder Trueno incompetent?"
     "He was incompetent." Liz rolled her eyes. "That's why he's dead."
     "Please..." Again, the two fell silent when Fabi spoke. "Yes, that guy. He went a bit bizarre, decided he hated the Sanctuary and all forms of order, reason and laws, and joined this... For lack of a better word, cult."
     "Yes, the files said. Thanks for updating them by the way. Continue?" Ami asked with a raised eyebrow, and Fabi took a deep breath.
     "So they really don't like the Sanctuary, and the professor's big machine, supposedly capable of harnessing his power, is going to be demonstrated in front of a crowd of mostly Sanctuary officials."
     "We have to make sure that doesn't happen!" Liz exclaimed, jumping up, but Ami held up a hand.
     "So the man in the suit was Bloodseeker. That makes sense, actually. His power did make people sleepy, though I thought that was just a side effect of his impenetrable mind."
     "He's obviously grown stronger since the last time anyone checked up on him." Fabi frowned in irritation. "Am I allowed to stand up? Liz has a point. About, you know, doing something."
     Ami frowned, hard, but didn't let petty disagreements get in the way of her sense. "Yes,but do it slowly in case any part of you is still asleep. Liz, would you mind going round and getting the car?"
     Liz smirked and left the room to arrange transportation.
     September Seneca Silver smiled slightly, sitting back in her seat. The shunting experiment would certainly be something...interesting. That's why she was here, out of curiosity.
     The man in the seat next to her folded up his umbrella and sat down as well, a slight frown on his face. "Do you see that gentleman, the one by the pedestal?"
     "The one with the stupid mustache?" Ember asked.
     "No, that gentleman. There, with the gray suit-jacket. He's a wanted criminal of some sort. Not a burglar, he lacks the poise and gracefulness needed to accomplish something notable in that field, not to mention the wealth he would have if it was some such crime. I would guess he's a murderer."
     "How do you know he's a criminal?"
     "Do you see how he's keeping his back to the stage? That brunette in the hat, leaning against the railing, is a detective. The other people in that direction do mostly office work, so he's likely to be avoiding her."
     "Indeed. Shall we apprehend him?"
    "Well... It's not like we have any proof of what he did. Maybe I should warn the detective, though."
     "Fair enough," Mycroft decided, standing up so Ember could pass and make her way to the aisle.

     Snow Stormberg looked up as the blonde with the creepy smile approached.
     "Are you looking for a wanted criminal?"
     "" Snow replied. "I am a detective, though. Snow Stormberg, at your service."
     Ember smiled. "September Seneca Silver."
     "Hey, our names are all alliteration-y!"
     "Yeah, they are." Ember smiled creepily. "Do you want to have a party for the letter S.?
     The Scandinavian woman frowned at where Elder Iota was sitting. It was the wrong seat, she wasn't supposed to be in the front row. She didn't have the entire seating chart memorized, but she could have sworn that the London Sanctuary took up most of the first row.
     The fact that Iota was sitting there didn't matter, she would be shunted anyway (she was sitting in what was meant to be the English Grand Mage's seat) but the fact that the seating arrangements had been tampered with was definitely a problem.
     She scanned the crowd for Magnus, but noted the two men watching him. One, she recognized as the purple-haired head Spotter from the Scottish Sanctuary, the other was a well-dressed man with an umbrella. They were both likely to be trouble.
     Next, she checked for Harden. He was being beaten up pretty badly by one of the American Elders. He'd probably realized that she, too, was
     The woman in black sighed. Of course she had to do everything herself.
     The professor frowned slightly. He didn't like stages. Unfortunately, he had to agree to present his invention in front of a bunch of important people, or the Sanctuary wouldn't provide him with some of the more obscure and dangerous parts.
     He supposed that made sense, one couldn't be too careful with sensors that absorbed magic and used it. That's what it would do, absorb parts of his magic and use it to shunt something. And hopefully it wouldn't explode in front of everyone important.
     The professor fidgeted with his tie as the Master of Ceremonies came over. "Mr. Apparatus?"
     "Professor, if you wouldn't mind."
     "Mr. Professor, sorry."
     "The Grand Mage wishes to know when you will be ready to begin. Some of the guests are growing...rowdy."
     The professor sighed. "I'll begin at once, then."
     "Much appreciated." The Master of Ceremonies left the backstage area for the auditorium, and all the people. The professor shuddered slightly and got to work, double-checking everything. He didn't notice the new sensor plate. Or the readjusted wiring. Or the woman in black standing directly behind him, a gun in one hand, a needle in the other.
     "He has an impenetrable mind," the man in the coat stated simply.
     "You bet I do!" Everest Harden grunted. "You'll never get anything out of me!"
     "I would not be so certain of that."
     Elder Tesla looked down at Harden. "You used to work in the Sanctuary, didn't you? Why did you attack me? Some sort of revenge?"
     "Yeah, yeah, that's it. Let me go now?"
     Tesla's eyes narrowed, and Harden got the awful feeling that she was going to  attack him again in a mess of kicks, punches, elbows, knees... She was...rough.
     "The demonstration is about to begin. We should probably keep him unconscious until this is over."
     "Very well." Those were the last words Harden remembered, before he found his eyes closing.
     Trip Castalan glanced over and decided that Aretha and Niccolò didn't need any help. The man who'd attacked them was an idiot, not worth bothering over.
     With that, he focused his attention back on the demonstration, the old man and the machine he'd spent most of his lifetime building.
     "Did you see that?" Adra Dark hissed from the seat over.
     "What--? Oh." Trip frowned as he caught a glimpse of the people moving around furtively backstage. "I believe that's trouble." He squinted, then jumped suddenly. "That woman in black has never been convicted of any crime, but..."
     "But...?" Adra raised an eyebrow, ignoring the old man giving a speech on stage.
     "But she's been...associating with the wrong crowd. This group of anarchists, I suppose you would call them, had this base camp in rural Norway. Most of them were arrested some time ago for various acts against the Sanctuary, sometimes even the world, but there was never any evidence connecting her to their crimes. As far as I know, she hasn't left Norway in the past 127 years. I was always under the impression she was training for something. Something big. We need to..." 
     Trip blinked, and then he was someplace else entirely. Unless the theatre had a library mode, that is. A minute later, Adra was beside him.
     "You do know it's impolite to vanish in the middle of a conversation?"
     "Adra! You need to get out of here! I think this is some sort of trap!"
     "Is it that Norwegian woman, then?"
     "No... Viktoria Ty isn't a teleporter or anything like that, more of a burglar, assassin and engineer."
     "Engineer? Do you mean..." Adra looked around. "Oh gods, she did something to the machine, didn't she?"
     "Then where the hell are we?"
     Trip smiled and took her by the arm. "Let's find out, shall we?"

     ((This is the first half of what would've been the last bit of the intro, except that I have this one more scene I need to write for it, but it's been ages since I posted something, so I'll give you the first part. If you are unhappy with the bit featuring your character, you can ask me to change a detail or rewrite it yourself, as long as it doesn't change the main plot too much. Also, I put characters where they fit, and some may have a bit more to do than others.That's because of what I found easiest to write, and where everything fit and things like that, and is not meant to offend anyone. If your character isn't in this bit, he/she will appear in the next bit unless you tell me to do otherwise, which you should do now, so I know. I should have the final part of the intro up sometime within the week, and then we can begin the first dimension!))