Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fabi: Dimension-Writing

So, I think Ember is writing the first dimension, but I'm putting some general guidelines for dimension-posts here. You don't have to follow them 24/7, but they're probably good things to keep in mind.
  1. You don't need to say every detail. It's okay to let other writers put their creativity into adding to your idea. If you don't care who runs the grocery store, you can let the person who writes the scene in the grocery store decide.
  2. Specify anything that's really important to your idea so that people don't have to bother you about it later. 
  3. Give a brief description of any important characters in the dimension. Like, if Mevolent in your dimension is Supreme Galactic Commander, then his personality, values and ruling style are important to the dimension and should be included. If you want to use the alternate version of someone's character, ask permission.
  4. Current events are also good. If the Supreme Galactic Commander is facing rebellion from the Leprechaun People, and the entire country of Ireland is in the middle of a war, that's important.
  5. Check the comments on your dimension post. This is probably the best place for questions. 
  6. If something is the same as it is in the real world or in the SP-world, you can just say that instead of describing it in detail.
  7. Be creative! Your dimension can be as normal or weird as you want it to be! I don't really want to assign a template for how everything should be done/presented.
Generally, I'd prefer it if you were to stick with ideas based on
  • Your own imagination
  • Real World
  • SP World
I mean, I'm not going to enforce that, and if you explain enough about what your dimension is like, it doesn't matter, but please don't say "This dimension is like The Hunger Games only without Katniss." For one, I'm not sure if everyone in the collab has read the Hunger Games, and for another, just taking an idea that's already out there is sort of boring. If you want to have a dimension where Mevolent runs a country with a Capitol full of rich people and some smaller, poorer, outlying settlements, that's actually sort of cool, and if you explain it well enough for people who haven't read THG, if there are any, you could actually do that.

So I guess the rule isn't "stick to those three sources," but more like
     8. Make your dimension original
     9. Make sure other people can understand it

Actually, at the end of the day, those two are the important guidelines. Sorry for all the rambling.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fabi: Something Happens (Finally)

((I should probably mention that the Tadra bit in the last chapter was posted ahead of its chronological place. Sorry about that. Just... Mentally line it up so that everyone disappears at around the same time. Except some people disappear later. So... Um...yeah. Oops?))

Valice finally pushed through the crowd to where the chaos had been. "Is everyone alright?"
Elder Tesla looked up. "We're all fine except for him." She gestured to the man lying on the floor, Valice recognized him as the man who started the fight.
"Who is he?"
"That's what we're trying to figure out," Tesla replied, turning to the man next to her. "Any progress?"
The man shook his head, "His mind is impenetrable. It would appear to be his discipline, a purely defensive ability, not common."
Valice blinked. "Well, is there anything you need help with?"
"We should be fine, but thanks for the offer." Elder Tesla smiled. "There's an empty seat there if you'd like to join us. I'm Aretha Tesla, but you can call me Ari if you like. Most people do."
"I'm Valice." Valice smiled and took a seat. Unfortunately, it was the third seat assigned to the Hungarian Council of the Elders.
Fabi didn't burst the doors open dramatically and swoop in to the rescue. That would have been pretty stupid, and probably have ended up getting her in trouble. Instead, Ami slipped into the sound-and-light booth with a quick flash of identification, while Liz and Fabi snuck backstage.
Fabi had taken a lot of theater in school, so it felt so...familiar to be backstage again. She knew though, that this wasn't really the time to reminisce, especially after she heard the applause. The demonstration was starting.
There was a rustling from behind them, and the woman in black stepped out, a gun in one hand, a needle in the other. Fabi concentrated, focusing while the gun was still, while she could still have enough control over it, using the bullets themselves to disable it.
The woman smiled slightly, setting the gun down with a smile. The needle, too. And then she charged, aiming a kick at Fabi's torso, aiming to knock her into the curtain. Fabi dodged to the side, grabbing the foot and tugging it so the woman was off-balance for a moment.
Fabi took the opportunity to run, out onto the stage, to where the Professor was screaming his hands stuck to a metal plate, his skin starting to turn pale. Other people were screaming, too, and there was a bright glow pulsing across the room. Probably not good.
Sage grinned at the person next to her, a dark-haired girl who looked about the same age, maybe a little older. "Hi, I'm Sage, what's your name?"
The girl's focus was on someone a few rows ahead, but she jumped and turned when she heard Sage's voice.
"I'm Ruby," she said hesitantly, and looked at Sage suspiciously.
"Are you enjoying the demonstration?"
"I guess so."
"You don't look too enthusiastic."
Ruby shrugged, and then disappeared.
Well, Sage thought, that was rude. And then she looked around her and saw the complete and utter chaos.
The boy called Rathrockt watched with interest as the professor set up the machine. The old man flicked a switch and the whole room seemed to vibrate. He turned to the audience with a smile and said "And now for the final step." Rathrockt watched as he pressed his hands against the metal plate...and screamed in agony. Rathrockt tried to get up, to go help, but there was this pulse throughout his entire body, and he recognized the feeling. He was being shunted.
Sparky Braginski worked her way through the chaos and onto the platform that extended from the right side of the stage. Her goal was to get close to the malfunctioning shunting machine and short-circuit it. Plain and simple.
A thin man darted out from backstage, blocking her path. She ducked around him, dodging his kick and sending him stumbling to catch his balance.
She was at the computer-box in the middle of the stage, electricity already crackling in her hand, when the machine pulsed. A wave of shunting energy hit her and she disappeared.
"What kind of party should it be?" Ember asked, ignoring the chaos behind her. Someone was trying to kill someone else, and in all honesty, that was boring.
"I don't know, maybe a soup, salad and sandwich party?" Snow glanced around slightly concerned, then shrugged.
Ember wrinkled her nose. "I hate soup, salad and sandwiches."
"All kinds?"
"All kinds."
Snow paused for a moment, watching as some Sanctuary agents with official-looking badges interfered, breaking up the quarrel and taking away the dead body. "How is that even possible? I love peanut butter and jelly!"
"Weird..." Snow was silent for a moment. "Oh, I know! Strawberry smoothies?"
"You're crazy. Do you at least like Skittles?"
"Okay. Um... Skittles and...shakes? Seafood?"
"Okay, that works." Ember smiled creepily at the people who were telling them to shut up and sit down. Both of those had a word starting with S.
"So we go to a seafood place that also has milkshakes. I think we'll have to bring our own Skittles.
"And then we can say something," Ember decided. "Oh, also, you're singing."
"What? Why?"
"Because I sound like a screaming walrus when I sing."
"Oh. But--"
"Ooh, and maybe we can dance the salsa!"
"Um... I don't know how."
"Neither do I."
"I think maybe we'll have to cross that idea off the list, then."
"You're probably ri--Wait, there's a list?"
"Uh, I meant a figurative list. In my head."
There was a minute of silence from the two of them, then Ember spoke again. "People are screaming and running around like idiots behind us. I think maybe we should acknowledge their existence."
Ember looked around. "Oh, I think the demonstration already started, like a while ago."
"So we missed it?"
"Looks like something went wrong with it somehow. I need to find Mycroft, he'll have some answers." Ember looked back to where she'd last seen Mr. Holmes, but there was no one there. "Talk to you later, Snow Stormberg!" she called over her shoulder as she skipped off, still not really paying attention to the chaos.
Snow shrugged, and sat down again. There was a bit of a throbbing in her head, then her vision blurred and she was somewhere else entirely


Fabi tried to melt the plate off of the professor's hands, but there was some sort of magical force preventing her from controlling it. She turned around to see the Scandinavian woman staring at her.
"I thought Bloodseeker took care of you," she hissed.
"I'm tougher than I look," Fabi responded with a shrug. She looked around for Liz, but her friend was nowhere in sight. She was probably sneaking around for a sudden attack, either that or she was dead.
"I'm sure you're tough," the woman sneered, advancing.
Fabi backed away, down the extension on the left side of the stage. If she could buy Liz some time... The professor screamed one more time, then fell silent, and the audience was pretty much in chaos.
Ami's voice came over the intercom, telling people to be calm. "We'll figure out how to get the people who disappeared back, don't worry. Fabi, you might want to watch where you're going."
Fabi turned to look behind her at the row of seats, her eyes widening as she realized what Ami was referring to. She started to twist to the side, but the Scandinavian woman was too fast, shoving Fabi into one of the now-empty seats.
Her stomach churned, and the world around her began fading. The last thing she saw was Liz Herald swinging down on a wire, knocking the woman to the floor. She mouthed something, probably meant to comfort Fabi and sound on top of things, but the image was already gone, and Fabi was somewhere else, somewhere in another world.

((I'm really sorry for how late this is. Again, apologies f I got your character wrong.))