Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Creepy Homeless Dude: ACK

All a guy could ask for was a nice nap and something to cover his head.

Noah had that bit, he'd managed to snag a newspaper from back when they still made those things. Now all he needed was for Mages to stop appearing and bothering him.

See, he'd always assumed he was the last, mainly 'cause he'd never met any others, but apparently not, because now they were appearing all over the place, willy-nilly. It was downright rude of them to come now, and it was rude of them not to come sooner.

See, he was dying. And only magic could help him. But of course it wouldn't, 'cause magic twisted people and made them arrogant and that's what had caused the end of civilization in the first place.

A couple Grand Mages had quarreled for years on end, and no one was real sure where and when the blasted thing started, but it got more and more extreme and neither would stop because they were both oh-so-powerful and important, of course they must be right. And then anyone who cared about anything took one side or the other, and eventually it was a full-on world war. At first it was a secret one, but then some American Elder decided to explode Ireland. The mortals weren't so blind not to notice that, now were they?

And of course, since they had no abracadabra presto-change-o sorcery, they brought out more explosives and well nigh obliterated the planet.

Noah had only run into one city that hadn't been bombed at least a little. Instead, some ruffian Elemental had sunk it under the sea. It was supposed to be all ironic and appropriate, but turns out it takes a lot of strength to extend an ocean all the way to Georgia, so the numbskull had died before he could reverse the thing. If he'd planned on reversing it. Guess he might not've.

But yeah, everything on this planet was forest or godforsaken ruins now, and Noah had thought he was maybe the only one who remembered when it was otherwise.

He wasn't sure what to think about the fact that he wasn't. It was definitely an inconvenience, though, that was sure. They might try to help him and try to get him to go to a doctor, and he wasn't taking any of that.

His running theory about the sudden influx in sorcerers was that they'd been from before the war, and found some shortcut to just skip past all the brouhaha. The first one he'd seen, see, still looked like she was still about college age or so, and didn't act all secretive-like, which is what some Mage would have to be for Noah not to see 'em sooner.

Or so he told himself.

Given him quite a fright, too, that first one. And the rest he was better prepared for. They likely wouldn't attack him if it looked like he was asleep, and if they did, he could jump out from under his newspaper and strangle them if he felt like it. Again, this was something he liked to think. He was probably out of practice. He hadn't killed people in centuries, and even then, he'd only killed a dozen or so before he got bored of the whole soldier thing and skipped town.

Noah's stomach churned violently and he felt the black liquid starting to bubble up his throat again. He forced it back down. Now that there were magic-y types about, he couldn't risk them noticing. They might bother him about it.

((I seem doomed to post odd things here. This was not the personality I'd intended for Noah, but I'll take anything that isn't writer's block.))


Niccolò Croatoan, Freckelle Herisson, and Aretha Tesla said...

Ari: WHY IS HE DYING. NO. I'll have to figure out how to go back and save him now...

Mistical Future said...

Interesting! I like how we found out about Noah and the past as well as Noah's personality.

Good job Fabi!

Moss Cryptic (Fabi) said...


Don't feel obligated to.


Thank you!