Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fabi: Dimension One

The dimension:

It’s post-apocalyptic, I suppose. Houses are still houses, and there are some rebuilt cars (mostly vans and buses for transporting large numbers of people). (Also, they no longer run on gas, but a combination of common kitchen oils) There’s still a water system, faucets, etc. No TV or internet, though. There’s radio, but it’s mostly used to communicate, and there’s no music or anything. Electricity has been rediscovered, but complicated machines and things like that are mysteries. The magical community was completely destroyed, but there are a few solo mages around the edge of things. Where once there were major cities, you will find abandoned urban wastelands, though a few people still live at the edges and scavenge. Also, most factories either were exploded or abandoned, so store products are limited. And there are no airplanes.

Magical abilities—Teleporting is probably a bad idea. You would appear in the same location on the earth, but the stuff there will likely be different, (i.e. the Irish Sanctuary collapsed into rubble) so you might end up in an unpleasant situation.

The dimensional balance is off, making it hard to focus on the dimension you want to shunt to, meaning that if you tried, you’d probably end up stuck between universes and cease to exist. Unless you got lucky, and then you would flicker back to where you started in about seven minutes.

Other disciplines should be unaffected, I believe.

I’m highlighting a village called Eastwest, which corresponds geographically with the theater, though you may have your character appear elsewhere, as there is an element of chaos involved.

Eastwest is surrounded by forest. There’s a river running through on the north side, which is filtered down to drinking water by a process that only the Water Manager (by default), a Mr. Rutger, understands. There's a River Road that runs past the town and follows the river. There’s a creepy homeless guy who sleeps under the Welcome to Eastwest sign, and he will be extremely surprised at any form of kindness.

There are these buildings and some others.

· An abandoned library
· A Lighthouse with no clear purpose, as there is no sea nearby, and the river isn’t especially treacherous. Lighthouse interior is equipped like any ordinary lighthouse, but the bulb burnt out.
· A Water Plant
· Police/Fire Station [With one vehicle that is a lot less sophisticated than a firetruck, but has a ladder and a hose]
The house of the mayor at the edge of town
· A school
· Other things. I don’t care.

Also, you can invent your own inhabitants of this dimension as desired.

Oh, btw, the water's poisoned. It won't really affect you unless you've been drinking it for a long time,  though. The townspeople will generally complain of headaches, but besides that, you'd have absolutely no reason to expect the water to be poisoned unless you saw it happening or read minds or something.

Let me know if you have any questions, or want to collab (I have Fabi, the homeless guy and a few other locals I have ideas for).

I'm hoping the next dimension will be posted in two weeks. If you finish a chapter for this one late, though, that's okay, just make sure it's labeled so readers know where it fits in.

Any volunteers to write the next dimension are welcome, and just do whatever you and your characters like with this one.


Snow Stormberg, Queen of Hope said...

Okay, so we just right and post it? Cool

Grand Mage Zafira Kerias said...

This seems interesing

Aretha Tesla said...

What kinds of animals are there?

Aretha Tesla said...

Also, how long should we be there for?

Fabi S. said...

Scavengers, mostly, like raccoons and such. Rats in the city ruins. There are some cats, too. Also deer in the deeper

Fabi S. said...


And squirrels in the woods, too.

Sorry, it stopped letting me type.

Fabi S. said...


Fabi S. said...

Three days?

I hadn't really thought about it.

Aretha Tesla said...

Thanks for the extra information! I think I have an idea for another dimension, if you want me to work on writing the second, or if someone is already doing that I can save it and develop it and use it later for something.

Grand Mage Zafira Kerias said...

Can I be added?